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О школе программирования AIT

The AIT Learning Center was founded in Israel in 1993.

The first group was trained in the C language, graduated in 1994 and had great success in Israeli hi-tech companies.


By 2003 AIT has expanded its variety of courses and started offering students 2 programs, Java Programming and QA Manual Testing.


In 2009 we added automation to the testing course, thus turning test graduates into real engineers.


2016 AIT graduates, under the guidance of engineers with years of experience, began to implement commercial projects.


2017 - the launch of a new branch in Haifa


2018 - the launch of a branch in Berlin


2020-2021 - pandemic years, that allowed us to transition the quality training into hybrid forms - a mix of online and offline learning


2022 - AIT graduates with experience in Israel and Germany relaunched the company with traditional Israeli values and higher standards of teaching.

In more than 28 years in business we have trained more than 6,000 successful graduates for the international labor market and have gained tremendous amount of experience in employment and integration of young professionals.

At the moment, each year about 600 students study at our branches (Rehovot, Haifa, Berlin).

AIT has long-standing and strong relationships with companies such as Zalando, Liferando, Accenture, Idealo, JP Morgan, Comm-IT, Initech, Wix, Amdocs, Dell, HP Enterprise etc.

You have an opportunity to receive high-quality professional training in Israel and Germany.

AIT offers certified courses taught by expert instructors from Israel, Germany, the US and Canada.

Our Mission

We consider our mission the development of the IT-industry and providing it with professionals who can solve unconventional problems. That's why we give our students exactly the knowledge and skills (Java, Spring, Hibernate, JS, React, Node JS, QA-automation, English for IT, Project management), that are in demand on the market and are necessary to get a job in the field of programming, automated testing and digital marketing.

Our objective

Our main objective is to ensure that training is meaningful and effective. We take into account the expectations of employers, the training level of our specialists and the capabilities of tutors, when creating a course, and we always analyze trends in the software development. Therefore, our courses are always all about the up to date information and modern solutions. (Every year we add to the program frameworks necessary to work in a modern environment).

We are happy to welcome everyone who wants to change careers or upgrade their qualifications: in our center you can get a training grant of up to 100% of the course cost, and upon completion of the course you will receive a state-recognised certificate (recognized in Germany).

In the 28 years of our company existence we have gained experience which has enabled us to train 600 professionals annually (75% of graduates successfully find a job within 3 months in German companies).

Furthermore, not only can you learn a new profession with us, but you can also adapt more easily to life in the country if you have recently moved here. The teachers at the AIT TR center will safely and gently support you on your path to integration into German society.

Our core values are:

Quality • Innovations • Safety • Promptness • Collaboration • Responsibility

Our motto:

Create and support innovations and digital technologies.

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